Blue Lime Hotel in Phnom Penh - Goodbye buzz, Hello peace

Located a few steps behind the Royal Palace, Central Market and the National Museum, the Blue Lime is a hidden (and very much needed QUIET) gem in the heart of Phnom Penh.

I stayed in this boutique hotel while travelling for over 5 months around Asia, and experiencing something ‘different’ from the copy/paste looking hotel chains, with their sad colour palette rooms and usual egg-and-bread breakfast options, was so refreshing. Just like the passion fruit juice you get as soon as you check in. Something I’ll probably expect everywhere I go now, including my parents’ house.

Blue Lime hotel room
Blue Lime hotel room
Blue Lime hotel room
Blue Lime room facilities

Why is it worth checking the Blue Lime Hotel out when travelling to Cambodia?

  1. Extremely quiet, if you need extra silent, make sure to book one of the rooms of the higher floors. As I imagine ground floor ones would get some noise from the pool area.

  2. The breakfast was something new for Cambodian standards we were used to, it allows a selection of breads, jams and butters with eggs and vegetables, all available for re-order as much as you want. Including coffee or tea. A really nice touch.

  3. The pool area is very low-key lux, with massive cabanas all around providing needed repair from sunlights. I loved spending an afternoon there after a full day of walking around in 30+ degrees heat.

  4. The room itself has everything a traveler needs - and more.

  5. As mentioned, but worth bringing it up again, the location. It is walk distance to one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants I tried in all of Asia. But that’s for another story.

A bonus point has to go to the free river cruise they offer to all their guests - we spent a lovely evening enjoying the breeze and watching a pretty dramatic sunset. 

Find out more about the Blue Lime here and check their social media & stories to see what goes over there right now!

The pool, the room and the breakfast

Blue Lime hotel Pool
Breakfast menu blue lime phnom Penh
Blue Lime pool
Blue lime pool

The river cruise

Phnom Penh river cruise
Phnom Penh cambodia river cruise