Five reasons sailing in Tenerife is a great idea

One of the perks of living in Canary Islands is that I get the chance to spend most of my spare time outdoor, exposing myself to a variety of sports and activities that London wasn’t really allowing.

I managed to get into hiking (I’m a goat now) paddle boarding and surfing - in general, I reconnected a lot more with nature.

While I had the chance to spend some time out in the sea on yachts and boats, I still think that sailing is the best way to immerse yourself (metaphorically and literally) in the ocean and sea life.

If you ever have the chance - anywhere in the world - try sailing the quiet ocean, without loud engines. It’ll feel like being in a Miyazaki film. Should you to be in the Tenerife area, I’d advise booking your private sail with Soul's Sailor Maritime Club, with captain Alejandro - a friend, sea expert and a great excuse to sing Lady Gaga’s Alejandro every 10 minutes (that joke never gets old, trust me).

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons that will convert you fully.


1. The sea has a different colour

It’s incredible how blue the ocean gets when you leave the crowd of the coastline behind. The horizon feels endless and the amazing shades of blue of the water blend like a watercolour painting with the sky and clouds.

It’s breathtaking.


2. You will find whales and dolphins

I have always felt connected to the sea and its creatures; I was one of those kids that would scream with excitement as soon as a tiny fish or jellyfish would show up. When I moved to Tenerife, I had no idea that over 20 species of whales (even orcas!) pass by this island every year. During our sailing day out, we happened to find dolphins that suddenly started playing and interacting with us.

Later that day, we find ourselves surrounded by dozens of massive whales. The atmosphere was so surreal I still don’t remember how long we all kept our breaths in not to interrupt the sounds these creatures were making.


3. you’ll access secret spots

If you’re familiar with Tenerife, you’ll know the best coastal spots are either accessible through a killer hike or via the sea. E.g. this amazing Palm Mar cave; it reminds me of the Italian costiera. Just wilder and cooler.


4. Food tastes better by the ocean

Drinks, food and fruit smell and taste incredible when you’re floating 1000mt above the bottom of the ocean.

39646991921_867ffeb91f_o (1).jpg

5. Sunsets are brighter

No words needed here. A perfect day out in the ocean will always reward you somehow.

If the moon is there, even better. It's the cherry on top.

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