PaperLike for iPadPro 12.9in 2nd Gen (2017 version)


I’ve been an avid iPadPro user since I got my first iPadPro 9.7in in 2017. It was everything I wish an iPad could do when I first used the first iteration of this tablet in 2012.

I would dream to be able to use advanced tools right at my fingertips, with zero delay, no lag and loads of power.

I then moved to the 12,9in version and my issues with screen real estate and space for my wrist were solved.

I still had something bugging me though. For months and months I would get the same difficulties with the slippery screen that would give me uneven and imprecise lines. I would notice this especially during long drawing sessions. I had to make sure the stroke of my draws by holding my Apple Pencil with extra strength, hurting my wrists on the long term. And don’t get me started on the glare you’d get by drawing on the iPad Pro near a window or a light source.

To solve my problems, I decided to try some cheap matte screen protectors from both eBay and Amazon - the long story short is that I wasn’t impressed and my issues weren’t solved. I could experience more friction between the pen tip and the glass, but it was almost gummy. There wasn’t any toothing so the pen would slide on a softer surface.


PaperLike has simply been the right tool at the right time. I am taking my art more seriously and I’m producing pieces more regularly (both for my own series and commissions) - and the paper-like-grip this screen protector provides helps me being more ‘organic’ with my digital tool. I am very satisfied with the level of precision and control I gained since I applied this screen.

This product is on the pricier side - if you consider the screen protector realm - but I wouldn’t recommend something like that if I wasn’t sure that if you draw on the iPad, that’s what you need to make your experience go from meh to yas!

I’m not sponsored nor affiliate with PaperLike, just in case this might sound as a paid review. I genuinely enjoy using my device more since I got it.

Get your Paperlike screen protector for your iPad Pro here following this link.

Gianni SarracinoComment