THIS SPACe, a manifesto

This space is defined by founder Gianni´s eclectic globe-trotter aesthetic accentuated with a rugged minimalist & (digital) nomad lifestyle.

It is this ethos along with passion and commitment that started everything in 2009 with the first version of this blog - called Manifesto 925. This has now evolved into a platform that goes beyond its initial focus of style or travel journaling - it is a space where the author´s self-development unfolds through the exploration of yoga, art and photography.

About the author: Gianni

Born in Italy, raised in London, Gianni is currently traveling the globe working as a yoga teacher, digital marketer and content producer, along with his 11-years partner in crime and soul-mate Andrea - aka the author of Borninaboot.com

With a passion for writing, visual arts and photography, Gianni created his first blog as an outlet for his creative brain while working in the fashion corporate world.

After 8+ years in various positions ranging from marketing consultant to brand manager, Gianni quit his 9-to-5 rat race in London to pursue his dreams of traveling the globe without an end date. He is now working as a digital marketing strategist & social media content producer with a so-called ´digital nomad´ lifestyle. It all starts with a one way ticket.

Gianni hopes to inspire others to chase whatever their passion is, and to never wait for the “right time”, since living projected in the future can only damage one´s soul. Be clever and plan accordingly, but life is about risks and one should always take them.

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Gianni Sarracino biography


Yoga to rule them all

Gianni approached yoga over 10 years ago, attending his first class in his hometown in Italy, Napoli.

After years of practice, he discovered the power of his mind and allowed himself to break and grow from the unreleased trauma stored within his body - finding a whole new freedom and awareness. Following the break-through, it was time to take this philosophy to the stage it deserved in his Gianni´s life. After teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness to friends and private groups for years, Gianni obtained his 500h TTC certificate in Rishikesh, India and Palolem - Goa in 2018. Since then, he has been travelling around Asia working as a yoga teacher alongside his other professions - digital marketing and content production.

through paints, pencils and lenses

In all of his memories, Gianni is holding a pencil or a camera. Photography and art have always been a constant in his life, despite all the changes and difficulties - they were the best tools for him to always deal with what was going on within himself. Before yoga and mindfulness, before writing or even talking to friends - art was and still is, the best form to connect the mind to the real self.

It´s only until very recently that Gianni stopped keeping his art as secretive as he could. Feeling it was the most private part of him, he feared the consequences of judgment and exposure. Now, he is ready to express himself fully - and whether he is loosely drawing and experimenting for himself or working on commissions for clients, Gianni still gets lost and forget about the word each time he makes art. He no longer sees his self-thought skill as something to keep hidden.

As a freelance content producer and photographer, Gianni enjoys shooting with his trusted Fujifilm X100t and Nikon D600 as well as his iPhone XR for his daily Insta-stories. His digital eye is there to capture moments ranging from wild hikes to glamorous locations for clients.

He is a street photographer at heart, but he tackles landscapes, portraits, lifestyle and architecture. See his works on his Instagram below, or visit his Portfolio here.

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